Speaker Bio

Bob Veres

Writer & Commentator 

Inside Information

Bob Veres is the editor and publisher of the Inside Information service that publishes the best new management, marketing and client service ideas in the advisory profession every month, and also reviews the most relevant articles from industry publications.  He’s won national and industry awards and spoken at national conferences, and his entire focus is to give fiduciary advisors an unfair informational advantage as they raise their profiles in the community and provide the best service and advice to their clients.


He is the author of a fee survey that outlines how 2,000 advisors are evolving the way they charge their clients, co-author of the annual Technology Survey, co-author of a new survey of advisors which ranks their overall satisfaction levels with the national conferences they’ve attended, and a white paper that describes in detail the advisory firm of the future.  All of those white papers can be downloaded directly by the people attending this webcast.

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