Kristin Harad, CFP®

On a mission to enable self-driven financial freedom, Kristin believes that as independent advisors flourish, so do their clients, opening up a world where anxiety can quietly buzz in the background of a full, energized, and free life.

Kristin’s practical marketing advice has made her a leading voice in the financial planning industry.  Known  first  for  her  self-study  online  courses, Kristin  now  leads one-on-one and group  training  programs  to  help  established individual advisors and small firms apply  advanced  marketing strategies  for  faster  growth.  She also consults as  an  outsourced Chief  Marketing  Officer  for  larger independent  RIAs  who  want  experienced  guidance  to  set  and  get  their  marketing  plan  into  action.   

Kristin gained her marketing know-how from her professional experience across the past 25 years. In 2006, Kristin founded and grew the first independent fee-only RIA focused solely on the needs of new parents which she grew from zero to a meaningful six figures in revenue in less than three years, starting completely from scratch.  

Before she made the choice to “career change” to become a financial planner, Kristinexcelled in strategic marketing positions in Corporate America.  To learn about her work history please visit her LinkedIn profile (

Kristin works with advisors and firms across the United States and around the globe. In early 2018, Kristin moved back to San Francisco after spending nearly three years living by Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two kids and her dog.  Often asked, “Did you move there for work?” she is proud to reply, “We moved for life experience!” 

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