Private Equity

Private Equity


Shopoff Realty Investments

Shopoff Realty Investments is a Southern California based real estate investment firm. The firm’s strategy* focuses on increasing wealth through the transformation of underutilized, undervalued, or mismanaged real estate, into more attractive and valuable assets, realizing event-driven and untapped value.

Voya Investment Management

Voya Investment Management is the asset management business of Voya Financial (NYSE: VOYA), overseeing $319 billion* in assets for institutions, financial intermediaries and individual investors. Voya is one of the 50 largest asset managers globally.**

Lateral Investment Management

Lateral Investment Management is an SEC-registered firm with approximately $650M in assets under management. Lateral, founded in 2014, specializes in alternative investments focused on the private markets. The firm provides growth capital to non-sponsored, lower-middle market companies through the direct origination of preferred equity stakes and loans.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation

Founded in 1980, U.S. Energy Development Corporation (U.S. Energy) is a privately held exploration and production (E&P) firm that manages assets for itself and its partners. For more than four decades, U.S Energy has blended operational and financial innovation with a forward-looking approach.

Triton Pacific Securities

Triton Pacific, founded in 2001, is a private equity firm offering investment programs for both institutional and high net worth investors. Triton focuses on investing in established small and mid-size companies across multiple sectors that exhibit attractive fundamentals, including quick service restaurants.

Abacus Life

Abacus Life is a direct investor in life insurance policies through the option of life settlements. A life settlement offers a financial solution to seniors that seek liquidity through their life insurance asset, rather than letting it lapse or surrender back to the carrier for lesser value.

Mewbourne Oil Company

Mewbourne Oil Company is a Texas corporation founded in 1965 by Curtis W. Mewbourne. The company is privately owned and serves as the parent company and sponsor for the affiliate, Mewbourne Energy Partners drilling partnerships. 


AltGate is an alternative marketplace platform catered to institutional investors, family offices, and RIAs. We curate a wide range of information relating to global investment opportunities for our network to review and explore directly through our platform. We specialize in providing access to information concerning private funds as well as direct & co-investment opportunities.


Kingsbarn is a multi-disciplinary, alternative asset manager covering real estate, ETFs, and various private equity strategies. Over the last decade, Kingsbarn has constantly focused on niche products in markets that solve problems and create the desired risk[1]adjusted returns for its clients. Kingsbarn is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and manages approximately $1B in assets.

Ashford Securities

Ashford Securities LLC is a managing broker/dealer and FINRA member firm. Our parent company is Ashford Inc. (AINC) – a publicly-traded real estate asset manager and service provider. Ashford Securities LLC is focused on the distribution of alternative investment products through financial intermediaries. 

ClearSky Capital

Clear Sky emphasizes a team approach and looks for new investment opportunities where there is synergy with existing skills and disciplines.  The Firm’s investment philosophy is to generate positive risk-adjusted returns across all market environments with less volatility by exploiting market inefficiencies, executing value-add initiatives and unlocking overlooked areas for value.


At Realto, we exist to move the investment industry forward with a next generation marketplace that unlocks opportunities in the real estate and other secondary investment markets. We’re connecting buyers and sellers of non-listed REITs, BDCs and other alternative investments like never before.