Bob Veres’s Inside Information service (http://www.bobveres.com) scans the entire advisory profession for the best new management, marketing and client service ideas, and reports on them clearly and comprehensively every month.  The goal is to give fiduciary advisors three to five actionable ideas every month that they can immediately apply to make their professional lives easier and more effective.  Inside Information is must-read for the most prominent and successful advisors in the financial planning space.


The profession is a huge laboratory where advisors are trying new approaches, new technology, new management techniques—and this is what has driven the evolution from a sales-driven model in captive offices to today’s fiduciary services in independent offices.  That evolution is continuing, and Inside Information is the vehicle for highlighting the ideas and developments that will become the future of the profession—giving our readers a first-mover advantage.


There are several components to the service.  There’s a monthly online “newsletter” that contains articles about developments in the profession.  A Media Reviews service distills the articles in that pile of magazines you receive each month, so you can get the occasional relevant nuggets in minutes instead of hours.


This part of the service costs $299 a year with the discount code 55EF.


For an additional $298, you can subscribe to the Client Articles service, and receive 8-10 professionally written articles that you can to clients each month.


Inside Information also hosts the annual Insider’s Forum conference each year, this year scheduled (in person) for October 6-8 in Nashville, TN: http://www.insidersforum.com.

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