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Abacus Life (Nasdaq: ABL) is an alternative asset originator and manager that specializes in life insurance products. Since 2004, the company has purchased life insurance policies from consumers seeking liquidity and has actively managed those policies over time (via trading, holding, and/or servicing). With over $2.9 billion in face value of policies purchased, we have helped thousands of clients maximize the value of life insurance. Over the last four years, Abacus has deployed more capital than any other company in this business; in 2022, the company outspent their leading competitor by over 10%. Abacus Life is the only public life settlement company, trading on the Nasdaq Exchange under the ticker symbol ABL.

Over the past 19 years, the company has built an institutionalized origination and portfolio management process that is supported by a 90+ person team, long-term relationships with 78 institutional partners and 30,000 financial advisors, and the ability to operate in 49 states. The company has serviced approximately $950 million in policies and has managed assets for large asset managers and third-party investment funds. Abacus has underwritten and valued approximately $520 million of policies on behalf of third parties.


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