Mewbourne Oil Company is a Texas corporation founded in 1965 by Curtis W. Mewbourne. The company is privately owned and serves as the parent company and sponsor for the affiliate, Mewbourne Energy Partners drilling partnerships.  The Partnership is intended to address the needs of our target investors, including the potential for long-term cash flow and, under current law, the realization of significant tax benefits, whether one is investing as a limited or general partner. Additionally, we share in the risks by investing our own funds alongside the Partnership in each and every well drilled where Partnership funds will be invested.

For over five decades, Mewbourne Oil Company has concentrated our drilling and production operations in the productive Permian & Anadarko basins.  Staying in the geological environments we know best has enabled us to maintain a high completion success rate while drilling more than 2,900 wells. 

The Company’s headquarters are located in Tyler, Texas. The Company also has six district offices in: Hobbs, New Mexico; Midland, Amarillo and Perryton, Texas; and Woodward and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  A key attribute of Mewbourne is the high ratio of degreed oil and natural gas professionals among the company’s approximately 478 employees. Included among them are geologists, geophysicists, engineers and land professionals who develop drilling prospects, acquire mineral leasehold interests, manage water, and conduct drilling and production operations to establish commercially productive oil and natural gas wells.

Mewbourne Oil Company is an organization with hands-on professionals whose developmental drilling and production expertise over the past five decades has made it a prominent oil and natural gas company typically ranking them in the top 10 largest privately held oil and gas companies in the U.S. 

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Mewbourne Oil Company
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