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Red Oak Compliance Solutions is the global advertising review software of choice in the financial services industry. Our award-winning software is a comprehensive suite of SEC 17A-4 compliant features, tailored to meet financial firms' evolving needs, small and large. The software is 100% books and records compliant, and our clients typically see 35% faster approvals and 70% fewer touches or better.


Our software will help you manage the risk to your firm instead of the process, help eliminate the need for paper and escape the burden of an antiquated or cumbersome system. Our entire team is focused on ease-of-use, and the user interface has been carefully designed to ensure that it takes the least amount of time possible for users to accomplish the task at hand. Automated tracking, record keeping, and regulatory reporting give representatives, compliance, marketing, supervision, legal, licensing, and management excellent visibility. We are a SaaS and cloud-based software offering quick implementation timelines and a team of specialists dedicated to ensuring successful implementations with minimal disruption to your schedule. Red Oak allows your firm to minimize risk, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies in your compliance review process.



Red Oak Software Overview


Smart Review


Smart Registration


  • Advertising Review Software
  • Registration and Licensing
  • Workflow Management including correspondence, gifts and gratuity, political contributions, non-cash compensation, complaints, regulatory inquiries, OBAs, and more


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