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Snappy Kraken is an automated growth program that combines technology, content, and education to help financial advisers expand market share while simultaneously delivering higher quality experiences for existing clients. Deemed "The most innovative marketing platform for advisers"​ by Investment News, and ranked as the "Best Overall Content Marketing Company" two years running, Snappy Kraken helps advisers accelerate growth and improve client engagement through automation. Each automated campaign in the Snappy Kraken program fits into an overall strategy known as the "Cold to Gold" framework: 

1) Get Noticed 

2) Earn Contacts 

3) Build Credibility 

4) Start Conversations 

5) Win Clients 

6) Deepen Relationships 

Each Snappy Kraken member is granted access to a highly-trained team of marketing experts (known as Success Specialists) who help them setup, manage, and optimize their use of the program. 

Uniquely, Snappy Kraken offers exclusive advertising territories to ensure our advisers never run the same online ads as their competitors. This added layer of differentiation helps ensure better outcomes than other advertising solutions available to advisers today. 

For a modest monthly fee, Snappy Kraken members receive access to over $500,000 in ready-to-use campaign frameworks, and over $50,000 in fresh content every month. To achieve similar results, an adviser would need a full-time, six-person professional marketing team working for them. 

By the numbers: 

- 94.8% of Snappy Kraken members said we helped them grow business in 2020 

- On average, Snappy Kraken members attributed 30.9% of their 2020 revenue growth to Snappy Kraken - 98.2% of Snappy Kraken members said we helped them keep in better touch with their clients 

- 94.8% of Snappy Kraken members would recommend using Snappy Kraken to other advisers.


  • Automated Marketing for Financial Advisors
  • Automated Business Processes and Prebuilt Marketing Campaigns


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