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Capitalism, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation create a unique investment opportunity in a Secured and Collateralized Portfolio. With a minimum $50,000 investment, Accredited Investors enjoy a product with unparalleled flexibility, a liquidity option with no attack on principal, and can choose durations from one to five years; each duration offers fixed interest rates of up to 10.25%. Investors who start with shorter durations have options to roll to longer investment durations offering higher interest rates. Yrefy is available to Independent RIAs. Learn more at www.investyrefy.com to experience the investment simulator and much more.


Yrefy is the only company with a solution to fix the Student Loan Crisis. Variable interest rates, inflation, and countless other circumstances have caused Borrowers and Co-Borrowers to slip into default on their Private Student Loans.

Because Private and Federal Student Loans are bankruptcy remote, until Yrefy, there was one path to fix the situation: the destruction of their credit score resulting in damaged relationships followed by lenders moving towards legal judgment and garnishment of wages.

Yrefy has created a way for Borrowers and Co-Borrowers to pay their distressed Private Student Loans back with dignity. By creating a custom-tailored, thoughtfully underwritten loan built around the Borrower’s ability to pay, Yrefy has an impressive seven-year track record of success stories, building a Win for Borrowers, Investors, and the existing lender.


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