Speaker Bio

Rick Burgess

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Forms Logic

Rick Burgess has a BA in business administration focused on microeconomics from Westminster College. He continues to further his education though financial certifications and bringing innovations to the financial services market. In every facet of life, he has adopted the philosophy that everyone he helps can also help him grow, so he’s always excited to meet new people to further this goal of growing together in business.

His extensive experience working as a commodity trader, hedge fund manager, financial advisor and national sales manager have given him an ability to see the best solutions for advisors, clients, and businesses nationwide. Having built a diversity of relationships in order to help businesses and commercial investors flourish, he understands the difficulties inefficient paperwork processing can bring for any advisor trying to build a book a business.

Built upon his experiences in different areas of the financial sector, he has taken action to help Advisors, Alternative Investments companies, RIAs and Broker Dealers gain control of their processes. With the Forms Logic platform, his customers can now focus on building their business instead of processing paperwork, fixing NIGO’s, or chasing down missing forms

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